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The Content Bar is a unique brand as it was created unintentionally. Here's the Story: The Designer noticed that a credit repair business owner's colleague needed assistance with her social media graphics and she gave it a shot to revamp her colleagues Instagram. The Designer's colleague was very impressed with the Designer's skillsets and unbeknownst to the Designer, her kind gesture turned into an entire brand. 


The Content Bar caters to every industry. It started with Credit Repair Organizations then expanded to other industries due to the interest. Several months later, The Content Bar is a known brand and has aided many companies in giving their brand a Pop!

The Content Bar Website (17).png

Lalisa Sweat, Esq.

Hey, y'all! My name is Lalisa Sweat and I am your content designer! I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I currently reside in Miami, Florida. I like to call myself a Jane of All Trades because I literally do it all. My overall passion is to give back to the community whether that is serving as legal/ executive board (Prodigy Surge), creating content for various brands (The Content Bar), assisting the community with credit repair, (iAM Financially Poised) protecting your brand via my trademark law firm (The Brand Protector), or serving as an outsourcing company (CD Outsourcing) for credit repair organizations. 

I've always had a niche for drawing and painting. Growing up I was very creative and enjoyed engaging in DIY projects. I desired to go to school to be a designer but I felt that it was an "up in the air" industry so I majored in Criminology and went to law school right after. My content embodies not only my personality but it shows the hard work I put in to produce graphics for my clients. 

The Content Bar Website (17).png



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